Wedding decisions right after the engagement

Once he has made the proposal, here are some of the topics you both can start thinking about the day after he kneeled. This list includes items which may not be bound to a specific ceremony or venue.

The engagement sets off  your wedding planning and the engagement dinner is usually the place where the first decisions are discussed.

  • Decide type of ceremony (civil, religious)
  • Choose an approximate date (it will be confirmed with  church/town hall and venue availability.
  • Will there be a wedding theme? Any colour scheme?
  • Agree wedding budget with your partner and how it will be split.
  • Open a dedicated bank account for the wedding costs
  • Visit seveal wedding venues
  • Arrange an appointment with priest or registrar and book the date
  • Buy scrapbook to keep record of notes, ideas and pictures
  • Decide the approximate number of guests (10, 25, 50, 80, 120, 200, …)
  • Draft an initial guest list
  • Get some wedding dress catalogues and visit stores and designers’ websites
  • Ensure your passport expiry date is after your honeymoon.
  • Start looking for non-bookable wedding suppliers: stationery, flowers, cake (if different from venue),
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