Quest for the perfect Wedding Dress

Apart from the groom, the most important for you during your wedding is your wedding dress. Your dress and in general your appearance, is what guests are expecting to see as you arrive at the church ten minutes late.Therefore, you have to bear in mind that your dress is the element that drives the style of the whole wedding.

These are some tips you should take into account when visiting wedding dress shops and choosing your perfect dress.

  • Style and colour of the dress. If your wedding has a theme or colour palette, the dress is the main element that should match that style.
  • Body shape and skin tone. Consider tricks like fitted bodices or dropped waists to enhance your body shape. Try to get the same light as in your venue to see the contrast of the dress colour with your skin. Do not worry about your body shape, the wedding dress market is so big, there are dresses designed for all sizes.
  • Length on the dress. Avoid full length dresses if your wedding will take place on the beach or you expect to walk in the forest.
  • Shoes. You should try on your dress with different heel sizes. A dress may look completely different depending on the shoes.
  • Hair style. You will probably choose your hair style after purchasing the wedding gown. Try to bring the dress to the hair saloon if your stylists can make different tests.
  • Bouquet. It should definitely match your dress style. Simple dresses can be enhanced with a large bouquet. More elaborated gowns will require minimalist bouquets not to take attention away from the dress.
  • Season. In some cases dresses are different for the summer and winter seasons. In other cases, some accessories complete your attire for you to be warm during your wedding if it takes place in the cold season.
  • Comfort. You will have to wear it for 8 to 12 hours. Your wedding dress must be comfortable enough so that you are not dying to take it off just after two hours.
  • Dress volume and shape. Bear in mind the full size of your dress if you will have to go through narrow doors or corridors, you will have to get on a vintage car (which are usually small), or ride a horse. Walk around the store as much as you can
  • Jewellery and accessories. Same as the bouquet, it can enhance or completely spoil your dress. If you know beforehand what jewels you would like to wear, you should definitely take them to the dress store to see how they look on different gowns.
  • Alterations. Check the alterations policy and prices. If a dress has been altered, you will not be able to return it to the store.
  • Bring mum or a friend along. It is an important and expensive decision to be taken alone. Always try to get a second and a third opinion on a dress, other than the shop assistant’s!


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