Choosing your Wedding Venue

Choosing the right venue is a very important issue in wedding organisation. Your venue should match the wedding style you are planning and should be able to accommodate all your guests.

Here are some ideas to take into account to decide what characteristics your perfect venue should have. Take this list with you when you visit the locations, and take lots of notes.

  • Price. Drinks prices are usually the point of friction between couples and weddings. How much is the deposit? When is the full amount to be paid? Is VAT included in the quoted fee?
  • Size: How many guests can it accommodate? Will there be room for some last minute surprises?
  • Staff. They should be professional and flexible to meet your special needs should you have any.
  • Transport. It should be easily reachable by car. You should also consider to book a bus or other transport for the guests who do not drive.
  • Accommodation. Some of your guests may be willing to stay overnight somewhere near the venue to avoid drink-driving. You should ensure there is any accommodation possible in the area. This will be a must for those guest who come from far away.
  • Photography. Your photographer will most probably get the best pictures if there is plenty of natural light. Nice gardens around the venue also help to get great photographs.
  • Decoration. Will the management take care of the decoration (flowers, cards, etc) or it is expected to be provided by you? When is the earliest time your decorators can have access to the venue?
  • Entertainment. If you have hired a band or DJ make sure there will be able to plug their equipment. Is there any sound equipment in the venue that can be used? Until what time can your guests enjoy loud music.
  • Food and drinks: Are they flexible on the menu?¬† Is there a special choice for vegetarians, etc? Ask for a degustation of your chosen menu once you have paid the depost.
  • Catering: If you are bringing a separate caterer, will there be a fee? Will the caterer have access to running water?
  • Hidden extras: corkage fees for own drinks, cake knife, candles, extra staff.
  • Restrictions: on loud music, confetti, candles, children, etc.
  • Security: Is there a cloakroom or safe place where your guests can leave their belongings? Will you be able to store your gifts? ¬†Will there be someone controlling the access to your reception? (in case of venues with several weddings)
  • Cancellation. What is the cancellation fee? When it is the latest it can be cancelled?





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